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Latest Tips


Set Chrome To Check For Certificate Revocation

Turn on the automatic certificate revocation check on your Google Chrome installation and Chromebook.


Automatically Forward Emails to Multiple Recipients in Gmail

Avoid important emails being missed, simply create a filter to automatically forward emails to multiple recipients for notifications.


Try out new Google Sheets

The new version of Google Sheets is currently on the Rapid Release track only but will be available to everyone by the end of April 2014, if you haven't tried it yet, use this tip.


Edit images in a Google Doc

Google have announced that users can now edit images in Drawings and Slides, here's how to do it in a Google Doc.


Easy micro-surveys using Google+

Google+ is a perfect ready made solution for undertaking micro-surveys and straw polls.


Add bookmarks to create new versions of Google documents

Avoid having to find your Drive tab to create new Docs/Sheets/Slides - simply create bookmarks, if you know the secret URLs...



Latest News

And the votes are in... Google Apps Wishlist for 2014
31 March 2014
We saw some fantastic improvements to Google Apps in 2013 and for the past few weeks you have been voting and commenting for the features you want to see happen this year.

Edit images right in Google Slides and Drawings
28 March 2014
The ability to edit inserted images is now available on the Rapid Release Track and for personal users - coming soon on Scheduled Release

Five 'Add-Ons' to bring some extra sparkle to Docs and Sheets
26 March 2014
Google have launched some great new add-ons to give you even more features in your documents and spreadsheets including a time saving way to get approvals from Docs and Sheets, printing address labels and name tags and even creating a bibliography without leaving Docs.