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Sign in to Google Chrome to sync your bookmarks and settings Click for larger image and screenshots

Sign in to Google Chrome to sync your bookmarks and settings

By signing in to Google Chrome with your Google Apps login your bookmarks and preferences will be synced across all your devices.

One of the first things we recommend to someone when showing them Google Chrome is the Sign In feature. When you sign in to Google Chrome with your Google Apps account your settings, including bookmarks, extensions and preferences, on that computer are saved to your Google account. When you sign in using another computer Google will sync your settings to that new computer - so you get teh same web experience wherever you go.

This is a great way to ensure that you have the same environment wherever you log in and ensures that you do not lose those valuable bookmarks, themes, extensions and preferences - even if your computer has a melt down!

The sync is automatic, fast and encrypted to ensure security of your data.

To sign in to Google Chrome, click on the Spanner (top right) and select Sign in to Chrome You can also see whether you are signed in and manage your sync data through Settings > Personal Stuff > Sign in.

Once you've signed in and synced, check out how to set up more than one Chrome profile and keep multiple users or accounts separate. 

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Alma Tax
27 May at 15:14 Reply to this comment
Gladstone Ndlovu
Please be aware that I'm not happy about the disapearance of my daTa bundles , please curb some scams on emails
26 May at 12:25 Reply to this comment
juan roverto romeo
Google is that better
01 April at 03:10 Reply to this comment
Jennifer Huerta
Thank us
22 March at 16:55 Reply to this comment
dwsorgat . has hijacked my ability to use chrome. It does not appear on the list of programs so I do not know how to remove it
16 February at 16:03 Reply to this comment
mohd marwan noor din
cannot sign in phone htc..why..?
02 November at 02:29 Reply to this comment
Caryn Brazda
I love being on the Internet.
31 August at 01:55 Reply to this comment
Alea Arend-Backus
03 July at 16:02 Reply to this comment
ellie reedman
12 March at 16:48 Reply to this comment
Ronald Herring
I HATE the fact Chrome FORCES you to sign in each time inorder for bookmarks to be available. Stupid. I don't want (R NEED) to sync each time but I DO want bookmarks available each time. Now I use OPERA 99% of the time for browsing.
14 December at 14:16 Reply to this comment
Angel pabon jr.
19 November at 19:16 Reply to this comment