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Customise your Styles in Google Docs

You can customise the look of headings and text in your document directly from your toolbar, and set the new styles as default for future documents.

The toolbar menu gives users access to a quick and simple method to customise the styles used in a document.


You can customise Headings 1 - 6 in the styles toolbar menu.

To create a heading from existing text:

  • Highlight the text you want to format as a heading
  • From the toolbar: Expand the styles drop-down menu
  • Select the desired heading

Save default styles for your documents

Normal text

  • Normal text is the default text style for the document Normal text can be altered via the styles toolbar menu.
  • Changes to the font style of normal text also updates the font style of the headings.

You can save customized styles to be used by default for new documents.

See also: Get Smart with Default Styles in Docs

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Thomas Lee
I wish there were a way to create new styles.
14 October at 18:06 Reply to this comment
Phil Smith
"You can save customized styles to be used by default for new documents". How does one do that? This article doesn't say.
16 July at 16:54 Reply to this comment
Mark Williams Hi Phil By clicking on the Style button - eg "Normal text", there is an Options menu choice, click on that then choose "Save as my default styles".
16 July at 17:05


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