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Edit Canned Responses as Drafts

Canned Responses is an excellent lab, but the interface is a little clunky. Use this tip to easily edit your canned responses as a draft email.

For an easy way to edit a canned response, search for it's subject and you'll see it as a "Draft". Click on the email and a draft email will open, which you can edit and save. Hey presto!

You can also use "Discard" as a quick way to delete any canned responses you no longer need. So, it's not a good idea to press discard to exit the canned response draft - as it will delete it!

PS: You'll know it's a canned response because it's a "draft" that you can't see in your Drafts label. However, because it is an email you can find, why not create a "label" called Canned Responses and keep track of them that way.

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Derek R. Austin
Thanks for the great tip. You can actually see all Canned Responses easily by searching "* in:drafts" and ignoring any messages that are in your Drafts folder. If you happen to have a lot of real drafts, then you can exclude a keyword found in your signature. For example, search "-(Confidentiality Notice) in:drafts" if you include a confidentiality notice in your signature. If you don't have a signature or no keywords in your signature would be unique, and you have a messy Drafts folder, you'll have to do label one canned response at a time ;)
14 July at 19:12 Reply to this comment
Luca Savazzi
When I try to search for canned responses as shown above, nothing comes up in my search results!
28 November at 14:03 Reply to this comment
alex renton
I set up Canned Response in the new look Gmail and found that when I try to insert one of my responses, the programme inserts only my Signature. Even if I turn my Signature off... ? Thanks!
06 November at 12:15 Reply to this comment
Cliff Hess
my canned responses do not have a subject.
09 July at 17:58 Reply to this comment
Brook Davison
This is great, but is there a way to mask the email address when you used a canned response? I want one individual to stop emailing me and to think that my email address has changed. However, using the canned response changes your email address to whatever it really is and then adds on ""
29 April at 07:57 Reply to this comment
Sam Hughes
@M Hughes: That is an excellent idea. You can also combine that with a filter to have new canned responses automatically labelled as such.
25 July at 17:11 Reply to this comment
Mark Williams
It seems there is a little glitch. Once you edit the canned response, you may not be able to use it until you "refresh" Gmail. If you see a message "Cannot find Canned Response" when trying to use it, just refresh your browser and all will be fine.
24 February at 14:47 Reply to this comment
Mischka Hughes
If you use a naming convention for your canned responses so that they all have the same keyword in the name then you find them all with one search.
22 February at 13:12 Reply to this comment


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