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Sign out of all Gmail sessions

As an added security measure, it's a good idea to sign out of your Gmail or Google Apps account before you close your browser.

To sign out of Gmail or Google Apps, click on your email address in the top right of your screen and select Sign out.

You may not want to sign out each time when using your own PC, but it is particularly important to sign out if you are accessing your account on a shared computer or public network. However, if you forget to log out, you can log out of all previous sessions the next time you are at a computer.

To do this, open your Gmail or Google Apps account and click on the Details link in the bottom right of your screen. This will open up a pop up window where you can see recent activity, whether your Gmail or Google Apps account is open in any other location, and choose to Sign out of all other sessions. Clicking that button will ensure all your previous Gmail and Google Apps sessions are logged out, leaving you logged in to the current computer only.

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Paul Manno
google just plain sucks
01 October at 02:04 Reply to this comment
Muhammad Hammad
How to sign out of Iphone Mail app in my Iphone which i recently lost because someone is miss uses my email address. Plz help me out how i may reach to google administration to solve my issue. Thanks
21 May at 08:10 Reply to this comment
Marvin Ae. This si what you need to do. You can sign off all sessions by clicking on details at the lower right hand side of the screen and then click on sign off all other sessions. Additionally you can revoke access to the mail application on click on account permissions and then you will see a list of apps that have access to your email. you will be able to revoke access from that point. Hope that helps.
11 July at 20:53
Muhammad Hammad
It didn't signed out of all devices as i tried it my self using it in my iphone and in my windows laptop at the same time but still it was signed in my iphone.
21 May at 07:56 Reply to this comment
Muhammad Hammad
It didn't signed out of all devices as i tried it my self using it in my iphone and in my windows laptop at the same time but still it was signed in my iphone.
21 May at 07:56 Reply to this comment
Muhammad Hammad
I signed into my Gmail account through iphone 4 in Mail app. Now i lost my phone and my bad luck is that i didnt set any pass on my phone. The issue is whoever got my phone is using my email address which is already open in Mail app of that device, can anyone help me how to sign out from server I mean from Google at back end which can sign me out from all devices including iphone, ipad, laptop and desktop at once.
21 May at 07:34 Reply to this comment
chenzen young
My email is sign into with other device and I want to long them out ussing one device that am using at this time
12 May at 09:27 Reply to this comment
Ambrose Neli
i need to another gmail account but can't..
03 May at 03:16 Reply to this comment
Shahin Sir
don not find logout option
24 April at 16:04 Reply to this comment
socorro Ramos
I access my emails thought the gmail app on my iphone and iPad. Last night it signed me out and into my old account I used to have with a university I used to attend. When I try to go to my inbox it says network error? I can't even try to sign out of that account and go into my current one I'm using. Need help
06 March at 18:18 Reply to this comment
Mark Williams I'm not sure what has happened but you should be able to force a sign out. Either force close the Gmail app on the ios device or, go into your Gmail cpanel and access your user profile - from there you can reset sign in cookies. You need to have admin access to do this but if it is a personal Gmail account that should not be a problem.
06 March at 19:33
mariana vakaotia
Want to close all windows in my gmail
03 March at 04:30 Reply to this comment
Maryjane DeBee
I have trouble going from one email address to another. It gives me the option but when I choose the one I want; it gives me the last one that was signed on. We just in the last week or so started having this problem. What can we do?
21 January at 17:29 Reply to this comment
Airin Tollinchi
i would like know if i can sign off or delete my google account on my iphone from my computer since my phone has been stolen?... i've noticed that whoever has my phone has been opening my emails, deleting albums..etc
05 January at 19:36 Reply to this comment
Charles Hecht-Leavitt
Is there a way or setting so everytime I close my browser it automatically logs me out of all google accounts (calendar, gmail, etc.)?
26 December at 15:26 Reply to this comment
melissen melisse
i can't open my email box
04 December at 17:21 Reply to this comment
Sergey Sologub
and delete space in url
02 December at 16:05 Reply to this comment
Sergey Sologub gin?sacu=1&il=true&zx=icxpgruz0yao - this is the link for logout. You can copy and convert this link for browser using Url Decoder here:
02 December at 16:05 Reply to this comment
Sergey Sologub
Here is LOGOUT URL FROM ALL GOOGLE ACCOUNTS is working for me: erviceLogin%3Fsacu%3D1&il=true&zx=icxpgruz0yao Hope it will help you.
25 November at 17:00 Reply to this comment
Gerald Shedd
why can't I log in to my account. I've been trying for the last 15 minutes
20 November at 16:27 Reply to this comment
Narendraprasad Das
Google Mail and apps have become extremely disappointing as it is never possible to sign out completely. It is disgusting and may be I shall have to abandon this disgusting apps for good.
07 November at 12:51 Reply to this comment
Jim Parker
I too am experiencing some strange things with Google Gmail and analytics over the past 24 hours. Google coding is appearing in the module positions on the analytic pages and I cannot fully log out of Google's "One Account. All of Google" I often setup Google accounts for my clients which requires full logout of my account. Anybody have any ideas.
07 November at 01:16 Reply to this comment
Rudolph Applegreen
i have just sold my ipad and galaxy tab. i did not sign out of my gmail app and the buyer can probably click on the gmail app and see all my email accounts because they do not require passwords. i have logged into my gmail account and clicked sign out of all sessions using my pc hoping it would remotely sign out of the gmail app accounts on the tab and ipad i sold. after i did that i tried with my other tablet that i currently have with me and it was still signed in, meaning even the tab and ipad i sold i am still logged in. Is there a way i can sign out of those gmail apps?
21 October at 10:49 Reply to this comment
Rick Levine
Something weird is happening when I log out of my gmail account. After logging out I now see a window that has title of One Account All of Google which looks different that the sign out I was used to from Gmail. Now if I use my roboform to log in with another I cannot. It keeps trying to log into the account I just exited with the alternative account I am trying to use. Is there any way to get back to the old log out system in gmail. I do not want to associate all my gmail accounts in google.
19 October at 19:33 Reply to this comment
John Wilson
Hi, I have several gmail accounts, and have no difficulty logging/signing out by clicking on my name at the top righthand corner and clicking sign out. However, recently one of my accounts has changed in that the account name no longer is shown. I am unable to discover where I can go to log out. I have tried the bottom right hand corner "recent activities" option, but that still leaves me logged in on the current session/computer. I want to get logged off completely. Any suggestions? J
13 October at 21:41 Reply to this comment
jay brickner
two g-mail accounts, how to get other one????
03 October at 15:06 Reply to this comment
Joseph komo
i'm log in my account but i am not log out
02 October at 09:19 Reply to this comment
29 September at 18:20 Reply to this comment
Gaurav Mathur
Very Helpful. Google Appreciation again !! :)
20 September at 12:28 Reply to this comment
Ritu Raj Singh
I am log in my account but i am not log out
25 August at 12:41 Reply to this comment
Clarissa Martinez
I want to cancel my gmail account too
16 March at 19:23 Reply to this comment
ganesh dukka
i want cancel my gmail account
14 February at 07:45 Reply to this comment
Sandee McClure
Can google provide an easier access at the top of the page to "log out" of your account when you have accessed it from a computer? I want to make sure my browser is logged out, but I want my android phone to still be logged in, I'm confused if I can log out of all sessions if it logs out my phone gmail acct which I do not want that to happen....I'll try it, but the info I'm finding online isn't clarifying this. Thx!
09 February at 19:23 Reply to this comment
17 December at 10:26 Reply to this comment
17 December at 10:25 Reply to this comment
kopano obbaa
i want to cancel
23 October at 10:59 Reply to this comment
Joseph Griffin
Thanks. I have a lot too learn. This is all new to me. :-)
22 September at 01:45 Reply to this comment
Ron Vichar
Great Tip Thanks! I am always on the go and couldn't remember where to find this feature.
17 August at 04:28 Reply to this comment