Whether you are new to Google Apps and Gmail, or a seasoned user, it’s worth passing on some of our favourite keyboard shortcuts. Feel free to share your best keyboard shortcuts in the comments below.

Firstly, to turn keyboard shortcuts on, go to Mail Settings by clicking on the Cog and choosing Settings, then in the General tab find Keyboard Shortcuts and select Keyboard shortcuts on. Then try out some of our favourites below!

Key Action
c Compose new message
/ Start a new search (cursor jumps to search box)
With an email selected (by tick box) or open:
l Open Label menu
v Open Move To menu
! Report as Spam
# Move to Bin
+ / – Mark as important / not important
Shift-r Mark as read
Shift-u Mark as unread
From an open email:
f Forward
r Reply
z Undo last action
Shortcuts for the new Gmail compose (automatically enabled)
Shift + Escape Focus main window
Escape; Focus latest chat or compose window
Ctrl + . Go to next chat or compose window
Ctrl + , Go to previous chat or compose window
Ctrl + Enter Send your message
Ctrl + Shift + c Add cc recipient
Ctrl + Shift + b Add bcc recipient
Ctrl + Shift + f Access custom from
Ctrl + k Insert link
down arrow Move down to previous message
up arrow Move up to next message
n In a conversation, move down to the next message
p In a conversation, move up to the previous message
Enter Open currently focused message
Ctrl + b Bold
Ctrl + i Italics
Ctrl + u Underline
Ctrl + Shift + 7 Bulleted list
Ctrl + Shift + 8 Numbered list
Ctrl + Shift + 9 Quoted text
Ctrl + Shift + l Align left
Ctrl + Shift + e Align center
Ctrl + Shift + r Align right
Ctrl + [ Indent less
Ctrl + ] Indent more


There are other keyboard shortcuts you may want to try, from your Gmail inbox click Shift-? to bring up the whole list.