With your Google Apps account, you can sign in to Picasa and start to store images – as long as you are logged in to Google Apps – and your administrator has enabled Picasa – you won’t need to set up a new Picasa account. If one of the images you store is your company logo, you can use the steps below to add that logo to your signature.

  • Log in to your Google Apps account
  • Go to picasaweb.google.com
  • Click on Upload and add your company logo (if it is not already uploaded) – ignore the album name for now, we’ll do that later
  • Click on the Home tab and you will see your new album – click on it
  • To the right of the screen you will see a thumbnail of the logo with Only you next to it. Click on edit.
  • Under Album information, edit the album name etc and set the visibility to Limited, anyone with the link – save your changes
  • Right click on the uploaded logo and select Copy image URL (or Image Location in Firefox) – this will be needed to add the logo to Gmail
  • Now, open Gmail and go to your Mail Settings. Scroll down to the signature box and click on the add image icon
  • Paste in the image URL you just copied and your company logo should appear in the box next to Web address URL, click OK
  • You should now see your logo in your signature
  • Scroll down to the bottom and save your settings
  • Send yourself or a colleague an email to test it has worked!

Let us know in the comments if you any questions about adding a signature to Gmail – via Picasa or another method. Don’t forget, you can also use the Canned Responses lab to embed an image into your signature – and that way you don’t need to host your logo on a web server.