You can easily add a sports team or other calendars to your Google Calendar from the set of Interesting Calendars maintained by Google.

As well as being able to add a colleague’s calendar you can also track a favourite sports team’s fixtures to your Google Calendar view.

From within Google Calendar click the drop down arrow to the right of the Other calendars item in the left-side column and select Browse Interesting Calendars.
This will take you to the Interesting Calendars screen where you can select Sports from the top left of the screen which presents a list of available sports (American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Rugby) for you to select from.

In our example we pick Football and then English Premier League. This then presents a list of teams whose fixtures you can subscribe to via the Subscribe button to the right of the screen.
Next use the « Back to calendar option to return to the main Google Calendar screen.

Now you have subscribed to a team calendar you will see it listed under your Other calendars and the fixtures will be shown as events in your Google Calendar.
You can set the colour appropriately by clicking the the drop down arrow to the right of the team’s calendar listing and toggle it off or on for it to be displayed.

The Agenda View can be selected to show your team’s upcoming fixtures as a list.