The UEFA Euro 2016 [] hosted by France kicks off on Friday 10th June. Back in 2012 we posted the tip Keep up with the World Cup using Google Apps

And here’s a similar thing for this Summer’s Euros.

You can add the fixtures to your Google Calendar by following the steps below.

Add the Calendar

On the Web

  • Within your Web Browser, open Google Calendar []
  • Next to Other calendars on the left hand side click the drop-down arrow
  • Click Add by URL
  • In the pop-up box add the following URL:
  • Click Add calendar

The Euro 2016 Fixtures calendar will be added under Other calendars.

This is kindly provided by the good people over at the website who have created the public calendar with all of the fixtures.
They also have instructions to add to an iPhone.

Google Now (Android, iOS)
If you opt-into and use Google Now you can follow your favourite international football teams by adding them via the settings on a mobile device:

  • Touch the Menu on the Google Now Page
  • Touch the Customize icon on the main Google Now screen
  • Select Sports
  • Select Add a Team
  • Enter the name of the team you wish to follow