Just like on a smartphone, Google Drive users now have a choice about how they access files on a PC or Mac. Google has introduced 3 new homepages so users can get direct access to Documents, Sheets or Slides. Use the links below to check out the new homepages – you’ll note that the interface is very similar to the smartphones apps now available.

Google Docs: docs.google.com

Google Sheets: sheets.google.com

Google Slides: slides.google.com

Once you have opened a homepage you can use the left navigation icon to switch between the 3 homepages and get to Drive. There’s also a useful download link if you haven’t tried out the smartphone apps yet.

HOT TIP: An advantage recently found here at gAppsTips:  in circumstances where Drive is blocked – for example on a UK train WIFI connection – these homepages are not blocked (don’t ask us why!).  The homepages can be used offline as well – if you have offline mode enabled in Drive.

Try out the homepages and let us know what you think in the comments below, and feel free to share any circumstances where it works when drive.google.com doesn’t!