Most of us have images stored in more than one folder inside Google Drive and when it comes to finding them it can be time consuming and frustrating.

The OverDRIVE Navigator feature allows any number of files to be held in one folder with custom-defined filters enabling users to quickly identify the items they’re interested in. You can have a go and see how the navigator works on our demo site.

To get your digital assets organised, follow these simple steps:

If you haven’t already got an OverDRIVE site, signup here (it’s free for up to 2 users). Here’s a tip to help you get started: Create a website straight from Google Drive

  1. Create your top level folders in Drive based on your search criteria. In the example shown above our top folder is Gallery and within this folder we have 3 sub folders, Location, Regions and Typenavigator-2-tips
  2. Next step is to add your filters. Go into your sub folders (Location, Regions and Type) and add a folder for each filter. For example in Type we have the sub folders Offices and People.  
  3. Now your structure is created you need to copy (Shift+Z) your digitals assets into the relevant folders. Remember that documents and images can exist in multiple folders, so you may have the same image in more than one folder.
  4. Final step! In your OverDRIVE site go to the top level folder e.g. Gallery and go into settings (cog in the top right) and in the drop down menu select page settings. Here in Embed you can select how you want your page to look, including some of the options below:
  • View – Small, medium or large Icons
  • Order by – Title, date, last modified
  • Page Size – How many images/documents you want to show on the page e.g. 50 per page

In this example we have used images, but any type of file can be used for this purpose – even a mixture of file types with the same filters.

Enjoy and let us know how you get on!