In Google Sheets the Conditional Formatting feature provides the ability to format cells if they meet certain conditions, such as if they contain a certain word or a number.

e.g. if a cell contains the string “Yes” make the background green, or “No” make the background red.

To access Conditional Formatting in a Google Sheet:

  • Click Format > Conditional formatting (A toolbar will open to the right)
  • Create a rule via Add a new rule
  • Use Apply to a range to select the range to be formatted
  • Under the Format cells if… drop down select Custom formula is (the last option)
  • In the box Value or formula use one of the following formulae:
Formatting Formula
Apply to Even Rows =ISEVEN(ROW())
Apply to Odd Rows =ISODD(ROW())
Apply to Even Columns =ISEVEN(COLUMN())
Apply to Odd Columns =ISODD(COLUMN())

Then select the Formatting style such as a colour.