The ability for colleagues to share your Google Spreadsheet and work on the same file together at once is a wonderful feature of Google Spreadsheets – but how do you make sure that collaborators don’t edit a cell you don’t won’t them to? Protecting cells or cell ranges in Google Spreadsheets is simple.

  • Highlight the cells you wish to protect
  • Right click and choose Name and protect range
  • A panel will open confirming your cell range – tick the Protect box
  • Choosing a name for your range will make it easier for you to find and manage protected cell ranges
  • Select Done
  • Set collaborators to can view in the Range Protection box that now appears, you can allow individuals to edit as necessary. You can also set universal permissions for protected ranges – exactly like sharing a document.

Once you have protected your cells, any collaborators on the document will see the cell data but will be unable to edit the cell.