Recent enhancements within the Admin console have given Google Apps admins more power to create Google+ profiles for their users both individually or en masse for an Org Unit.

To access the Google+ settings from within the Admin console go to:

  • Apps
  • Additional Google services
  • Google+

From here you can decide to work with a single user or multiple users.

Single User
You can create a Google+ profile for a selected individual user.

From the the Google+ settings page select the Profile section and you can review a list of users and see who has an Active profile and who is listed as Not created. You can also click on a View Profile link to review existing profiles for your users.

Where a user is listed as Not created you have the option to click Create profile which will then pop-up the Create Public Google+ Profile window which requires you accept the terms and either certify the user is over the age of 18 or enter a date of birth.

Multiple Users
You can create Google+ profiles for multiple users within an organizational unit (OU).

From the the Google+ settings page select the Sharing Settings section which will load a new page labeled as Advanced settings.
Here on the left hand side you can select the OU you wish to work with.
Scroll down and find the Profile Creation section and tick the Automatically create Google+ profiles box.

The Automatically Create Public Google+ Profiles window will pop-up which requires you accept the terms and certify all of the users are over the age of 18.
When you Save Changes this will go ahead and create profiles for the users in the selected OU.

for users who have a public Gmail picture or Picasa Web Album, a prompt appears that those users must individually sign-up and acknowledge the changes to their photos
It may take up to 48 hours (or longer) for these profiles to be created and viewable

It should be noted that age restrictions apply to Google+ accounts (users must be 18 or over) and some of your users may have privacy concerns.
We recommend you consult with and gain consent from your users before automatically creating a Google+ profile.

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