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Android Gmail setup instructions

A handy guide to setting up Gmail on your Android phone or tablet

As you would expect, Google have made it very easy to set up Gmail through an Android phone or tablet. To setup your Gmail on an Android phone, follow these steps.

  • Open the Settings menu and go to Accounts & sync settings on your device.
  • The Accounts & sync settings screen displays your current sync settings and a list of your current accounts.
  • Touch Add account.
  • Touch Google to add your Google Apps account.
  • Touch Sign in when prompted for your Google Account.
  • Enter your full Google Apps email address as your username, and then enter your password.
  • Select which services you'd like to sync.

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Erich Morris
This is not working: sync is not available; incorrect sign in and not able to connect to google server. I am seeing multiple other people with same problem and it seems google app is not working right now and there is no response or answer from google. I may need to look into another email service that can meet my needs,
29 September at 18:32 Reply to this comment
Cloe Bentley Here is a website that will help.
22 September at 18:56 Reply to this comment
barry haywood
no good what so ever I want settings !92.000.000 etc
27 June at 10:53 Reply to this comment
Valerie Bach
What kind of guide is this? I want to manipulate some of my Gmail settings on my Android. This "guide" just shows how to sync to my google account. I'm already synced. That's not the point. Oh well.
30 May at 17:42 Reply to this comment
Pat Downs
ive been using gmail for a long time with no issues, until the recent update on my phone...i have to use the separate mail icon to access y mail instead of the one email icon that allows me access to all of my emails at once.... what happened?
21 April at 14:17 Reply to this comment
Roderick Llewellyn
I've been trying to get gmail on my Android device to sync with my gmail contacts as seen on the web. It simply doesn't work. I've searched all over the internet, many people have this problem, and no solutions actually work, as the various menu options and buttons described in these solutions don't actually appear on my phone (Sony Xperia Z1S - T-Mobile). For example, the "Accounts and sync settings" mentioned above simply doesn't exist.
20 April at 18:32 Reply to this comment
Marc De Peuter
I have Gmail App on smartphone. I have updated my Gmail password via PC. How can I update my password in Gmail app. I do not find an option or do not get a screen pushed to enter my password.
18 April at 10:28 Reply to this comment
Steve Martin
I can read emails, etc. There just is not a "click" for compose.
01 April at 22:04 Reply to this comment
Steve Martin
Gmail has been installed on my android tablet. However I see no way to compose an email.
01 April at 21:55 Reply to this comment
Have just bought a new Android phone and Gmail does not recognize my password can not sync up. What can I do.
21 March at 00:36 Reply to this comment
i have made 2-3 email id by mistake,. how can i delete old prophyl and make new one
17 March at 13:22 Reply to this comment
Rakesh Trikha
Have tried but unable to configure.Also Google Play also is not being configured on new set.Please help.
07 March at 07:15 Reply to this comment
Rakesh Trikha
Have tried but am not able,as security code is also on the same set.
01 March at 16:07 Reply to this comment
Rakesh Trikha Feed back solicited.
07 March at 07:16
Denzel Turner
What if my extremely Secure Gmail Password will not be accepted as a Log-in through my HTC One Android Phone. Any Suggestions so I can access my Gmail thorugh my new Android Phone?
14 February at 05:28 Reply to this comment
Charles Ippoliti
I have never been able to send emails to my contact groups from my phone or tablet. My phone is running Kit Kat and my tablet is running Jelly Bean. I also was not able to do this with my last phone either. I can send emails to my contact groups using any computer though.
07 February at 17:39 Reply to this comment
Kenton Jones
Why does gmail stop working once or twice every month??? And who can I TALK to????
08 January at 22:40 Reply to this comment
rubi jan
whenever i want to sign in with my android the message appears cant establish a reliable connection to the server this could be a temporary problem or your device may not be provisioned for data services....please tell me the solution
24 December at 14:22 Reply to this comment
Muzammil Hussain
whenever i want to sign in with my htc sensation xe the following message apears "cant establish a realiable connection to the server. "this could be a temporarily problem or your android device may not be provisioned for data services." the wi fi also works perfect on my phone and whenever i wanted to sign in to my google account on pc it works.... please help me with this problem
22 December at 08:34 Reply to this comment
Susan Cole
Very good information, I had such a hard time. It finally disabled my account.
17 December at 17:39 Reply to this comment
Eleanor Duggan
I couldn't access my gmail until I read your instructions. Very helpful - thank you!
22 November at 01:59 Reply to this comment
hey i have new android phone but my google account couldn't work on it,..please help thank you!
15 November at 15:31 Reply to this comment
Bob Carlson
Where the hell do I find the settings menu? Maybe you should say that first for christs sake,
13 November at 21:23 Reply to this comment
Heather Young Leslie
Samsung, Galaxy Tab3: I can get my personal gmail mail, but UofA googlemail gets "no response from server"... the set-up is not as easy as your info (above) implies.
04 November at 09:43 Reply to this comment
Amy Cloudt
my phone also said that my password or username were invalid. however, it said i needed to sign in on my browser on my phone. i did so and it completed the e-mail setup.
04 November at 03:17 Reply to this comment
Debbie Pavletich
Trying to setup 2ndary email acct on my samsung model sch-1535 andoid. Error msg states incorrect username or password???
16 October at 01:45 Reply to this comment
Rebecca Swift
Trying to setup 2ndary email acct on my samsung galaxy note II. Error msg states incorrect username or password???
13 October at 14:14 Reply to this comment
Dan & Tina Motley
contact groups
23 August at 16:12 Reply to this comment
Dan & Tina Motley
how do I set up multiple contact groups? Can do on pc & lap top, but can't on android tablet.
23 August at 16:04 Reply to this comment
Duncan Nurse
this doesnt work for ntlworld accounts, ut doesn't want to sync for some reason? any ideas?
16 August at 14:21 Reply to this comment
Phillip Thomas
what a brilliant how to format was overwhelmed phil t
24 July at 04:23 Reply to this comment
Andrew Leong
When i already enter my email address and correct password, but it does not work. Help! thanks
23 July at 10:34 Reply to this comment