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Google Hangout time out limit

For some reason a Google+ Hangout will time out after 90 minutes, unless you confirm to Google that you are still using it.

This is a shame as it stops ideas like having a support hangout open all day with moderators dipping in every so often to check for questions. Just be aware that Hangouts have limitations, the 90 minutes time out and a maximum of 10 participants. But then it is a free service!

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Pierre de LESPINAY
Very annoying indeed
08 June at 09:36 Reply to this comment
Timothy D Longson
That should either be a way to stop these "time out" or at least have it make a warning noise so if you have it running in the background so you can talk to someone whilst you do something else, because at the moment its rubbish - if you dont have the google + hangout window open and stare at it all the time to see, the call just drops! Fix plz
04 May at 18:22 Reply to this comment
Pierre de LESPINAY I totally agree for a sound notification
08 June at 11:22
Mischka Hughes
How do you 'confirm to Google' that you are still using the hangout?
22 February at 12:18 Reply to this comment
Mark Williams Google send you a message, you just have to confirm by clicking a link.
22 February at 15:58
Anne Roy But if google doesn't notify you that the hangout is closing, how can you confirm? I dont get anything when my hangouts end.
21 March at 18:35