iPhone and iPad Gmail setup instructions Click for larger image and screenshots

iPhone and iPad Gmail setup instructions

A handy guide to setting up Gmail on your iPhone or iPad

There is, of course, a Gmail app for the iPhone and iPad, and it's good. But setting up Gmail in your native mail has many advantages - such as easily managing multiple accounts - and is worth doing. It's also very straightforward to do, just follow these steps.

  • Open the Settings application on your device's home screen.
  • Open Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Press Add Account....
  • Select Microsoft Exchange.
  • In the Email field, enter your full Google Account email address.
  • Leave the Domain field blank.
  • Enter your full Google Account email address as the Username.
  • Enter your Google Account password as the Password.
  • Tap Next at the top of your screen.
  • Choose Cancel if the Unable to Verify Certificate dialog appears.
  • When the new Server field appears, enter m.google.com.
  • Press Next at the top of your screen again.
  • Select the Google services (Mail, Calendar, and Contacts) you want to sync.
  • Unless you want to delete all the existing Contacts and Calendars on your phone, select the Keep on my iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) option when prompted.
Tip Update: Google have removed support for this if you have a new free account, please see their "Winter Cleaning" blog post: http://googleblog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/winter-cleaning.html

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Harry Hartford
You should be flogged for starting this "handy guide" with the undefined term "native mail". No neophytes and few seasoned users are going to know what that means.
24 September at 00:33 Reply to this comment
Troy Chee
this is so old, and does not mention the operating system it refer's to. remove this outdated post
22 August at 09:33 Reply to this comment
Mark Williams These instructions work perrfectly for any ios version, Troy.
22 August at 09:39
f sadia
I want to delete few photos from the backup created on my tab my gmail but i cant.plz help me.its a serious issue.i need to delete the photos as soon as possible
14 February at 08:21 Reply to this comment
Tammy Matuska
it is asking for a password for exchange
12 November at 11:22 Reply to this comment
Sheryll Nevaeh King
My message below is ment to read my old email address is working for Facebook just want work for google,
03 November at 01:22 Reply to this comment
Sheryll Nevaeh King
Plez help I have gone back to using my old email address but the resent one keeps popping up,also I want to change the photo on the email I'm using now and cannot find any where to do it,I'm on an iPad 2, this iPad has been so much trouble with things,my computer I used to have did everything,my old password Im using now is fine with Facebook just cannot get it to change in my google accounts,please reply to this comment,thanx,
03 November at 01:18 Reply to this comment
Gordon Andrews
I'm "frustrated" as I attempt to "beat my wife's Ipad into submission over Gmail. Her "native" mail used to work then it decided to forget what it knew. Did I mention it is my WIFE'S Ipad? Her mail no longer gets the gmail. Oh she's connected to the Internet! She can get Gmail on her desktop! She can do everything on her Ipad except get her Gmail. And some of the "solutions" I've read (uninstall and reinstall) or DisplayCaptcha are more than her UNtech brain wants to do--- so it was DUMPED on me. The uninstall reinstall sounds like something I used to do on my Apple][ when the cassette tape didn't load correctly! That's the best solution that GOOGLE and APPLE can come up with? Great software! (NOT!) Glad I don't have an Ipad. Anybody have a REAL SOLUTION that works and will NEVER need to be done again.... because there was no mention in the uninstall/reinstall nonsense that says one time fixes all!
28 September at 02:25 Reply to this comment
Christopher Forbes
Great... Briliant... is this part of there "Do no evil" mantra?
20 March at 20:49 Reply to this comment
Christopher Forbes OK, I take it back... I was able to get things right doing just the iPad basic 'Mail, Contacts, Calendar' in settings > Add Account > choose GMAIL account > fill in my details... and my calendar and mail are synced and up and running. Now for the contacts though. So maybe not so evil after all... and really a result of some spring cleaning.
20 March at 21:30
Wanderingg Bearr
This doesn't work at all
03 March at 06:43 Reply to this comment
Mark Williams It does work, but recently Google have removed support for the free version, so you may have issues. Google have stated that they prefer free Google Apps users to install their apps or use CalDAV and CardDAV.
04 March at 10:40
Elaine Du
this works perfect! save the issue on "no response from IMAP", "wrong password", "connect without SSL" etc...
16 January at 02:37 Reply to this comment
Saul Ramirez
Google for ipad
10 January at 13:42 Reply to this comment